iPad Apps for Music Ed

Want to project your iPad or iPod with your data projector? Reflection and Air Sketch are apps you can download to wirelessly project information from your device!

Class DoJo

  • Behavior Management
  • Attendance
  • “Random Student” generator (replace those popsicle sticks!)
  • Behavior Reports (can even be emailed to parents)
  • App is used as a “classroom remote.” All set-up must be done online.


Finale Songbook

  • Free
  • Create simple compositions with the “NotePad” feature
  • Loads and plays any sheet music with a .MUS extention
  • PDF reader feature



  • Free
  • Arcade-style games to practice recorder & piano
  • Use recorder as controller for Piano Dust Buster
  • Use piano keyboard or online keyboard for Recorder Master



  • Intro to the piano keyboard for PreK-1st grade
  • Uses fun characters who “live” on each key
  • 1 game and 2 lessons free, then purchase individual lessons or entire sessions


My Musical Friends

  • Free
  • Fun way to introduce instruments and their families to young students
  • Each instrument has a character name (i.e. Benson the Bass), sound examples, one fun fact, and a silly fact about the character.


Rhythm Cat Lite

  • Free
  • Tap the screen to “play” the rhythms shown over an audio track.
  • Great for teaching students rhythms in tempo
  • More rhythms and levels available with Rhythm Cat Pro


Sheet Music Direct

  • Free
  • All-in-One sheet music viewer, score library, and music store
  • PDF Import- Import sheet music from your personal library
  • 100,000 scores available for purchase and download


Singing Fingers

  • Free
  • This app allows the student to “paint” with sound. This is a great app to get your singers to do some vocal exploration. Project your iPad so that all students can see what is happening. Choose one student to come to the iPad and create a vocalise then have the class echo while the student either points to the projection or retraces the line on the iPad. I’ve used this app to assess K/1 students on their understanding of high and low sounds. The YouTube video makes me laugh. It has some really creative ideas for other uses of this app. (Description by Beth Jahn)

One thought on “iPad Apps for Music Ed

  1. Emily, I am always looking for good educational iPad apps to use in my classroom. I love the idea of adding a page to your online learning portfolio with iPad apps included. This way you will have a place to refer back to with a description of what each app does. Great idea!

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