Final Paper

  • My final paper is a transcript from the talk show “Now! with Felix and Jackie Dee,” a spin-off of  “Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee,” in which Felix and Jackie Dee interview me about the basics of web design for busy professionals.

Big Kahuna

  • My Big Kahuna project is a resource for teaching the concept of rhythm to elementary school students, hosted at Weebly.
  • Five potential users of “We’ve Got Rhythm” tested the website and provided feedback. I have put together a user testing summary of their experiences, feedback, and changes I will make to the site based on those experiences and feedback.
  • I have written a report about the feedback I received from my peers, Lacey and Bella, and will make changes to my site accordingly.
  • I am maintaining a technology needs analysis as I work on my space, listing tools, technologies, and software needed as I create my space.
  • My ideas for my Big Kahuna project (as of February 9, 2014) are displayed in this Popplet. My group members’ feedback is shown by clicking on the speech bubbles.

Good/Bad Design Presentation

  • I contributed flipForms as an example of good design and an enclosed sound booth in an auditorium as an example of bad design in our group’s good/bad design presentation. We used Canva and SlideSnack.

Module 7 Summary

  • Our group was charged with summarizing the discussion forum for Question 1 in Module 7. We completed the summary via Google Hangout and Google Docs.

Web 2.0 Tools

Subverting Presentations Tools

  • I chose to use my 4th grade rhythm unit as a subject for my Subverting Presentations Tools project. There are two introductory slides about meter, which will be a review from 2nd grade. Next is a Rhythm Title slide with links to slides for each note and rest that will be learned. Each note/rest slide has the notes and rests compared to fractions of a whole. There is also a YouTube music video with which the class will clap a pattern using the notes and rests learned.
  • I realize that all of the images I find with notes should have no background; right now, some have a white background, which looks confusing. I will work on replacing those.
  • A few constraints I found with Google Presentations are: 1) Slide transitions do not work if the slide is reached through a link from another slide. 2) Videos embedded from YouTube cannot be animated, grouped, or ordered. 3) YouTube videos are the only multimedia that can be embedded.

Group Name & Logo

  • QuinTech

55 Fiction (A fiction story in exactly 55 words)

  • Here, we wake up with the sunrise—no earlier. In the winter, that’s early. The sun’s long light gives us energy to muster through the cold and snow. In the summer, we sleep in later and enjoy the short, warm days. Although it gets dark earlier, we can stay out and enjoy campfires and moonlight.



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