Technology Needs Analysis

As I create and maintain a website for rhythm resources at, I am keeping this list up to date of tools, technologies, and software needed for the project.

  •– I am using Weebly to host my site.
  •– I use this search engine when I search for images to use on my website.
  •– I embedded rhythm examples into a “Rhythm Review” page for each grade level.
  • Google Presentations– I created Google Presentations to introduce new rhythms to 3rd and 4th grade students and have embedded those presentations onto my website.
  •– I use YouTube to search for school-appropriate popular songs to which students can clap along as they learn new rhythmic patterns.
  • YouTube Downloader– Student computers at my school block YouTube, so if I want videos to be accessible on student computers, I need to download them from YouTube to my computer and then upload them onto my site.
  • Screen Capture– I created Rhythm Tic-Tac-Toe for 2nd grade in a table and used screen capture to save the image and add it to my site.
  •– I created an interactive infographic about note duration in relation to fractions of a whole and have embedded it on the 4th grade page of my site.
  •– My preliminary brainstorming for my site was done on this popplet. As I build my site, I continue to add new thoughts to this mapping.
  • Google Forms– I used a Google Form to collect data during the user testing phase of my design.
  •– I embedded audio files of the student directions wherever they appear on the site.
  •– I embedded a quiz to go along with the Rhythm Infographic.

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