BK Web 2.0

I have chosen to use infogr.am as a Web 2.0 tool within my Big Kahuna site.

This year, I started using fraction tiles on the chalkboard as a representation of the duration of notes. It quickly became my favorite new teaching strategy because…

  • Students made connections between music and mathematics.
  • More “lightbulbs” went on above students’ heads than when I just talked about note value in the past.
  • Students were involved with arranging fraction tiles on the board, adding fractions to make a whole.
  • Students better understood the concept of time signature.

Infogr.am helps me take that strategy one step further by graphically showing the duration of certain notes and rests and showing through a pie graph, rather than just in relation to one “whole” fraction tile, the breakdown of a measure.

In my completed infogr.am, I hope to include:

  • A general definition of rhythm
  • A graphic of different notes and rests, their real names, nicknames, and note values
  • A bar graph showing note value
  • A pie graph showing the breakdown of notes in one measure (16 16th notes in a measure, 8 8th notes in a measure, etc.) The key will show the notes’ “nicknames,” how we have learned the duration of the notes up until this point.
  • Another pie graph showing how different note values can be added together to equal a whole.

While my BK will be used for 1st-4th grades, this infogr.am will be used with 4th grade after they have been introduced to fractions. I will have to decide where the use of this graphic will fit into the unit– before or after using the fraction tiles? Do we explore the entire graphic within one lesson or spread it out as a small part of several different lessons?  Regardless, the infogr.am will add another representation of note-value to my already diversified rhythm unit for 4th grade music class.


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