Mirror/Window Reflection

It’s hard to believe that a teacher could already begin digging a “rut” within her first two years of teaching. If you asked me six weeks ago about my teaching style, I would have said that it was innovative and reflective on my students’ needs. As the six weeks of MAET went on, though, I began to see how I had already begun to establish set methods of teaching certain concepts. For example, I usually spend about fifteen minutes on an introduction to jazz with my 5th grade students before delving into biographies and music of specific jazz artists. When I created my Content Connections project as an introduction to jazz, it took a little bit of convincing myself to realize that I can, in fact, spend a whole lesson– or even two– on an introduction to jazz if it means that students will understand the “how” and “why” of the genre more thoroughly.

I have enjoyed every lecture, presentation, and creation in this course. MAETY1 hit all of the fundamentals of learning according to Bransford, Brown, and Cocking (2000): promoting metacognition, developing a deep foundation of learning, and tacking misconceptions. As I go forward into my third year of teaching and beyond, I will be more reflective in my planning and pull technology in whenever I feel it will complement the content and pedagogical methods of the lesson.


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