Digital Introduction 06/20/2012

This is a Glogster intended to introduce myself to my TEAMAETs.


Personal Learning Network 06/21/2012

This Glogster is a visual of my Personal Learning Network.


Wordle Taboo 06/22/2012

Do you know what word this wordle is trying to get you to guess?

Wordle Taboo


Jing-Off Screencast 06/28/2012

Tamyka Jackson and I created this Screencast about how to use Storybird.


What’s Your Sentence? 07/03/2012

My personal “mission statement.”


Websites- HOT or NOT? 07/10/2012

My idea of some great and not-so-great websites and why I deemed them that way.


Three Words in Education 07/17/2012

When asked the question, “What does education mean to you?”, I thought of the following three words: Keeping Creativity Alive.


Looking Back, Looking Forward 07/24/2012

This blog post is a reflection on how my personal network has changed and grown during the course of my MAET experience.


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