Summer Cohort 2014

readingWelcome to my portfolio of work from MSU’s MAET program’s 2014 East Lansing Summer Cohort! Visit each course’s independent page to see work and reflections regarding that course’s topic.

CEP 800: Learning in School and Other Settings

Learning as active, socially-mediated construction of knowledge in school, home, community, and work settings. What is learned, how it is taught and learned, and what learners bring to the setting.

CEP 815: Technology & Leadership

Professional development strategies. Project management, planning and evaluation. Relationship building. Ethical and social implications of technology integration.

CEP 822: Approaches to Ed Research

Alternative methods of educational research. Identifying researchable problems in education and developing a research proposal. Applications of descriptive and inferential statistics for analyzing and critiquing published studies. 

Tech Tips

Group Logo

Throughout the summer cohort, I worked closely with Ashley, Jason, and Tracy, also known as “TEAMMAET 3.5.” I would be amiss if I did not credit them with much of what you find here!

The following tools, sites, and apps were shared with us during our two face-to-face weeks on campus.

  • Spell with Flickr– Type in a word and images of letters are generated.
  • “Unsend Email” in Gmail Labs- Enable this lab and you will have 30 seconds to unsend an email after clicking “send.”
  • Storify– Create a topic and gather Twitter posts, Facebook posts, Google search results, etc. all in one place.
  • Symbaloo– Visual bookmarking tool. (I’ve been using this for years!)
  • If This Then That– Set up your device to do a certain “recipe” whenever a certain task is done. Example: Whenever I take a picture, I’d like it to be sent to a certain email address.
  • Pixlr– Photo editing, similar to PhotoShop. The “Express” feature gives options similar to those on a cellphone.
  • Kahoot– Create review questions and play “game” with a full class. Immediate visual feedback for students and teachers. Great easy use of an iPad lab!
  • Tagboard– Anything from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with a certain hashtag goes onto a “tagboard” that you set up.
  • Edmodo– “Facebook for Teachers.” Create classes, give a group code to your students, post documents & assignments.
  • Tweetdeck– Organize your tweets in columns, schedule tweets, etc.
  • DocScan– iPhone app for scanning documents. Take a picture & adjust the corners manually.
  • Shared Tracker on Google Spreadsheets- Think Assignment Tracker from other MAET classes.
  • SignUp Genius– Create an event (one time, recurring, time slots…), invite others… good for parents/volunteers
  • The Brain– File organization like a mind map
  • Evernote– Word processing in the cloud. Text-to-speech option.
  • AirServer– Software that projects your iPad to your computer via wifi so it can be projected.
  • ThingLink– Embed information, links, videos, audio, etc. onto an image.
  • Storybird– A web-based template for creating picture books.
  • Newsela– Current events articles for which the lexile level can be adjusted.
  • Google Scholar– Click on More –> Settings –> Library Links. Select libraries and results from those libraries will be shown. APA citation is also included.
  • inklewriter– Write your own “Choose your own adventure” stories. Story mapping, if-then statements…
  • Good Reads– Track what you’re currently reading and what you’ve read.
  • Zite– App- “An intelligent magazine that helps you find interesting things to read.”
  • Quizlet– App or online- Flashcards, “learn” mode, matching, search info from other teachers. Can create a classroom.
  • Socrative– Realtime online quizzes. Create a classroom and a quiz; students answer on their devices.
  • Video Downloader- A Firefox Add-on for downloading YouTube videos.
  • EasyBib– Helps you create citation for a bibliography. Shareable. Can sort them into different “projects.”
  • DuoLingo– Basic language-learning app.
  • VoiceOver feature on iPhone/iPad- General –> Accessibility –> VoiceOver. Can select text for phone to read to you.
  • ClassicCat– A database of downloadable classical music, organized by composer, era, instruments, etc.
  • National Geographic Music Mixer– Music track creation, choosing clips from certain instruments.
  • Incredibox– Great resource for teaching ostinato! Add “guys” doing different vocal patterns. Record, save, share…
  • Doodle– Poll for scheduling events.
  • ToonDoo– Comic-creation site.
  • Aurasma– A “new” QR code- scan pictures and videos that will overlay on top of each other within the same app.
  • Padlet– Collaborative bulletin board- Type, insert links and images, etc.
  • Print on Post-It Notes- Find templates on Pinterest and print onto Post-It notes for notes to teachers, rubrics, etc.
  • UJam– A site to generate backing tracks for audio.
  • MSU Libraries Electronic Resources– Search by journal, use other e-resources. Jill Morningstar = College of Education Librarian.
  • MAET Library Guide– collection of resources specific to the MAET program


Storify Compilations

TEAMMAET 3.5 was in charge of compiling the events of our face-to-face time on June 24th and July 1st via Storify.

Click to view Storify compilation.

Click to view June 24th Storify compilation.

Click to view July 1 Storify.

Click to view July 1 Storify.

Teacher Tensions

This is a photo representing the tensions between teaching music and integrating technology not only in my classroom, but helping other teachers as well– some who are resistant to change. I wish I could do more and hope that I can do more this year with a little less tension. I used Ribbet to add the music note stickers and PicMonkey to add and erase layers.



According to Dr. David Wong and Regina Carey, iImages “express an idea specific and important to a particular subject matter,” “change how we perceive our world,” and “inspire a feeling.” The following pictures were taken at the Children’s 4H Garden on MSU’s campus and then edited and captioned to create iImages in the subjects of music and social equality.

Beethoven_Bridge Marriage_Equality

Crossfire Activity with Year 1 Students

I worked with Yolanda (Y2) and Chris (Y1) to create a video describing the tension between the idea of the Internet networking the world and segregating the world using ideas from “It’s Complicated” by Danah Boyd and “Generation Like” by Douglas Ruskoff. We used Google Hangout and Screencast-o-Matic (and it was a VERY stressful experience, with what I feel was unfortunately not a quality result.)

Demotivational Poster

So Proud. She learned to light a match today.

We mixed up our groups a little bit to create “demotivational posters.” Jason, Tom, Melissa, and I made this one demonstrating that praising children for simple tasks is not always the best way to go!


Physics Video Group Assignment

TEAMMAET 3.5 put together a “silent movie” which demonstrates Newton’s First Law, “An object in motion stays in motion.” This was a great intro to video editing!

Behaviorism Assignment

TEAMMAET 3.5 put together this Prezi which demonstrates how the makers of the game “Bejeweled” use the behaviorist principles of prompting, shaping, and fading throughout the game.

Prezi Screenshot

The game “Bejeweled” uses behaviorist principles to teach players how to play the game and keep them hooked!


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